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Geoprobe Rigs

The right equipment makes all the difference.

PES uses professional-grade equipment from Geoprobe to bring you accurate data, quickly. Geoprobe specializes in manufacturing equipment for the Environmental, Geotechnical, and Mineral Exploration industries.

Our technicians are trained to properly use this equipment and have years of experience that we bring to every job site.

Performing a hydraulic profiling test in winter.
Geoprobe 7822 among trees

Geoprobe® 7822 Track Unit with Auger Head

Geoprobe 7720 in cornfield

Geoprobe® 7720 Track Unit

Geoprobe 6620 on a lift

Geoprobe® 6620 Track Unit

Geoprobe 5410 in a field

Geoprobe® 5410 Truck unit

Geoprobe 5420 in a field

Geoprobe® 5420 Truck unit

Geoprobe 420M portable unit in basement

Geoprobe® 420M Portable Unit