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Environmental Analysis Services

Air Knife Excavation

Air Knife Excavation allows us to efficiently clear probing locations without damaging utility lines.

Subsurface Sampling

We use the latest methods and technology to conduct soil, groundwater, and soil vapor sampling.

Direct Image Profiling

Real-time data acquisition and visiual images of in situ soils to help solve complex site investigation issues.

Well Installation

PES will take you from initial consulation and property assessment, to drilling and case installation for your new well.

Mobile Laboratory

Our mobile laboratory allows us to come directly to your site for investigation and analysis.

Grouting & Injection

Selecting the right grouting method is crucial for stabilization and mitigation. Let us help you determine the right method and execution.

Vegetation Clearing

Let PES help clear trees, shrubs, and vegetation to give you a clean slate for your project.

Going the Extra Mile: Efficiency and Expertise

In response to the increasing need for reliable site characterization information, PES professionals have innovated new techniques for on-the-spot data collection and analysis. At PES, we use state-of-the-art probing equipment to obtain soil vapor, soil core and groundwater samples. Our analytical systems are designed to delineate contamination problems quickly and cost-effectively.