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Direct Image Profiling

Plains Environmental Services, Inc (PES) has been doing Direct Imaging logging for 20 years.

We have extensive experience collecting logs with a variety Geology, Scopes of work and Concentrations of Contaminations. We follow GeoProbe’s SOP for the operation of these logging tools and we use a Geoprobe track unit to log these borings. The scopes of work have varied from just a few days to over a month. On all of our projects we provide field interpretations of the data being collected.

Electrical Conductivity (EC)

Measures the flow of electrical current through soil over a three inch interval. Based on the conductivity measurement, software estimates the soil type.

Hydraulic Profiling (HPT)

A Hydraulic Profiling Tool or HPT is used in conjunction with EC logging to assist in soil classification, identify permeable and impermeable zones in a soil profile, and determine groundwater depths.

Membrane Interface Probe Testing (MIP)

A Membrane Interface Probe or MIP is often used along with HPT and this method is used to detect levels of contamination in soil and water also measuring the permeability of a formation. This equipment is highly sensitive and can detect very small traces of VOCs and non-aqueous phase fuel hydrocarbons in soils.

Pneumatic Slug Testing (PST)

A Pneumatic Slug Test or PST used to determin hydraulic conductivity and is an important parameter is containment investigations.

Optical Image Profiler (OIP)

This is a powerful tool capable of detecting and logging UV induced hydrocarbon fluorescence in soil.

Track unit taking samples in a corn field.

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