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Direct Image Profiling

Plains Environmental Services, Inc (PES) has been doing Direct Imaging logging for 20 years.

We have extensive experience collecting logs with varying lithologies, scopes of work (SOWs), and concentration of contaminants (COCs). We follow GeoProbe’s SOP for the operation of these logging tools using Geoprobe track units to log these borings. The scopes of work have varied from just a few days to over a month. On all of our projects we provide field interpretations of the data being collected.

Electrical Conductivity (EC)

Measures the flow of electrical current through soil over a three inch interval. Based on the conductivity measurement, software estimates the soil type.

Hydraulic Profiling (HPT)

A Hydraulic Profiling Tool or HPT is used in conjunction with EC logging to assist in soil classification, identify permeable and impermeable zones in a soil profile, and determine groundwater depths.

Membrane Interface Probe Testing (MIP)

A Membrane Interface Probe or MIP is often used along with HPT and this method is used to detect levels of contamination in soil and water also measuring the permeability of a formation. This equipment is highly sensitive and can detect very small traces of VOCs and non-aqueous phase fuel hydrocarbons in soils.

Pneumatic Slug Testing (PST)

A Pneumatic Slug Test or PST used to determin hydraulic conductivity and is an important parameter is containment investigations.

Optical Image Profiler (OIP)

This is a powerful tool capable of detecting and logging UV induced hydrocarbon fluorescence in soil.

Track unit taking samples in a corn field.

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